New Beginnings

Good morning loves, I am so excited next week at this time I will be day three into my new job and I couldn’t be more excited! I am officially making changes in my life and I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter to open up and to see what it has in […]

Beauty Influencer

Good morning loves I recently signed up to become a beauty influencer with this amazing company! How exciting. I love the prices so much better with this company as well. I just bought a mascara for literally $5.95. I’m sorry, excuse me what? Yes you read that right. I just bought one not that long […]

Mental Health

Good morning loves! I’m getting personal with each of you here today in order to bring awareness. I struggle with stress/anxiety almost daily; but it seemed to have proceeded to get worse in the past few months. If you haven’t already be sure to ready my “Life Changes” blog for an understanding as to how […]


Good morning loves, do I have some exciting news for you! Change is good right? Yes, of course it is. I made a huge change in my life that is happening in two weeks… Oh my goodness it’s so weird to say that honestly. I have been working at the same place for quite a […]

Heatless Hairstyle Favs

Hi loves! Us girls understand and know the struggle of hair sometimes and we always feel like we need to use heat on our hair in order to get it picture perfect. With using heat all the time it also means that our hair is going to get fried with all the excessive heat well […]


How do you keep your hair color for so long? Easy. I don’t wash my hair everyday to let it soak in its natural oils because I have short, thin hair. Honestly it is not healthy to wash your hair everyday girls. How I have kept my hair growing and starting to freshen up and […]


I do DIY projects all the time! With the type of business I run, you can customize your decal, tumblrs, and appaerel to what you want it to be! I have all sorts of colors in stock all the time to complete vinyl projects. I have also started doing burnt wooden signs, table trays and […]

Starbucks vs. Dunkin

“Hi, can I get a french Vanilla iced coffee with cream and sugar” So many of us have a preference as to what type of coffee place we like and why. I would have to say my favorite coffee chain would have to go to Starbucks. Why? It taste like real coffee regardless of what […]

BMD Custom Decals

What is up loves! I bet your wondering what the hell does BMD stand for? It is fairly easy actually it’s my initials to my name of course, most basic thing ever I know. Hahaha! I have began in the process of making my own business for myself doing decals, and custom apparel. I’m not […]


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